Titolo Autore
TOUNDRA - II Michele Montanari
Tovarish - This Terrible Burden Bob Stoner
Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness Brian Grebenz
Tracker - Rule Of Three Zekimmortal
TRAIL OF TEARS - Existentia franz
TRAIL OF TEARS - Free fall into fear franz
Train - Bulletproof Picasso (2014) UfJ
Trans-Siberian orchestra - Night castle (2009) UfJ
Transient - Transient Bob Szekely
TRANSILVANIAN BEAT CLUB - Willkommen Im Club franz
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti - Piccolo Intervento a Vivo Vanoli
TREMENDOUS - Relentless athos
Trevor and the wolves - Road to nowhere (2018) UfJ
Trewa - Many Meetings On A Blithe Journey athos
Triggerfinger - All this dancin' around (2010) UfJ
Triggerfinger - By absence of the sun (2014) UfJ
Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Underground Maudrup
Tristania - Beyond the Veil Five_Nails
Tristania - Rubicon Mikmonta
Tritonica - Disforia Mikmonta
Trollband - In the Shadow of a Mountain Bob Stoner
TROMAPROJECT - Tromasoda Riccardo Storti
Tronus Abyss - Kampf Roberto Alba
Trust Your Heart - Not by the Sword But by the Cross franz
Try Redemption - Hollow Be Thy Name Don Anelli
Tryptamin - Monday Hangover Maudrup
Tsar Bomb - Noewarfare franz
TUGS - Europa Minor athos
Tuliterä - Tulikaste franz
Tumulus Anmatus/Strix - Anathema Rituals kent
Tuna de Tierra - Tuna de Tierra Mikmonta
Tunatones - iTunas! athos
Tunatones - Vulcano athos
Tune yards - Whokill (2011) UfJ
Tunguska - A glorious mess (2016) UfJ
Tuomas Holopainen - The Life and Times of Scrooge Norum
Tusmørke - Fjernsyn I Farver franz
Tutte le cose inutili - Dovremmo Essere Sempre Così Stefano Caviglia
TV Buddhas - S/T EP (Trost, 2010) emi.
Twenty-four Hours - Ladybirds Alberto Sgarlato
Twentyfourlives - Peaks​.​.​. Peaks​.​.​. Peaks! maudrup
Twinesuns - The Leaving Bob Stoner
TWINK - Think Pink III Andrea Pintelli
Tyakrah - Wintergedanken franz
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Tygers Of Pan Tang Eric Moreau
Tyranny is Tyranny - Let It Come From Whom It May Bob Stoner
TYSTNADEN - Promo 2000 franz
TYSTNADEN - Sham of Perfection franz
U2 - Songs of experience (2017) UfJ
Ufo - A conspiracy of stars (2015) UfJ
Ufomammut – Eve (Supernatural Cat, 2010) emi.
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ULTRAVOX - Ha!-Ha!-Ha! cricri
Ulvegr - Vargkult Five_Nails
Ulver - Shadows of the Sun Silvia Comencini
Ulver - Svidd Neger Silvia Comencini
Ulver - The assassination of Julius Caesar (2017) UfJ
ULVER - Wars of the Roses Silvia Comencini
Umberto Maria Giardini - Futuro proximo (2017) UfJ
UMBRA NOCTIS - Il Primo Volo franz
Umbra Noctis - Via Mala franz
Un Giorno Di Ordinaria Follia - Rocknado Mikmonta
UNA STAGIONE ALL’INFERNO - Il mostro di Firenze Riccardo Storti
UNANIMATED - Ancient God of Evil franz
Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X) Five_Nails
Unchained - Etherea Fabio Rossi
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control Nick Ryder
UNDER EDEN - The savage circle franz
Under The Ocean - Dark Waters franz
Underdogs - Ready To Burn Mikmonta
Underfloor - Solitari Blu Vanoli
UNDERTAKERS - Vision Distortion Perversion Roberto Alba
UNEARTHLY TRANCE - The Trident franz
Ungrace - Feed the Demons franz
Ungraved Apparition - PULSE_0 Bob Stoner
Unhold - Here is the Blood Pietro Cavalcaselle
Unhold - Towering franz
Unimother 27 - Presente Incoerente athos
Union Jack - Supersonic franz
United Sons of Toil - When the Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful Maudrup
Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother Marco Pessina
Unka Munka - Foreste Interstellari athos
Unmercenaries - Fallen in Disbelief Don Anelli
Unreal City - Il Paese Del Tramonto Claudio Ramponi
Unreal City - Il Paese del Tramonto Claudio Catena
Unreal City - La Crudeltà di Aprile athos
Unreqvited - Stars Wept to the Sea Alain González Artola
UNSCARRED - Ruthless franz
Unsolved Problems of Noise - L’Ombra delle Formiche maudrup
UNTIL MY FUNERALS BEGAN - Behind the Window franz
Untimely Demise - Systematic Eradication Don Anelli
Ur - Hail Death franz
Uriah heep - Into the wild (2011) UfJ
Uross - Lo Squilibrista + Shelly Johnson Broke My Heart - Brighter Vanoli
UROSS - Ovunque è la bellezza che non vedi athos
Ushas - Verso Est Mikmonta