Unreqvited - Stars Wept to the Sea

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Unreqvited Stars Wept to the Sea(Avantgarde Music, 2018)

Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Atmospheric Black Metal




Unreqvited is a Canadian solo project formed back in 2016. The debut album entitled 'Disquiet' gained some recognition among the blackgaze, post rock and atmospheric black metal fans. It was indeed a quite interesting debut, which mixed those styles, always putting a great effort on creating an intense atmosphere with undoubtedly beautiful melodies. That album had quite long instrumental sections and extensive ambient and quiet parts that, though being nice, had a negative effect after some listens. The album sounded at times a little bit unfocused. In my opinion, the debut lacked more metal infused sections which could have helped to achieve a stronger final result.

Now, only two years after their debut, Unreqvited makes a comeback with a sophomore album entitled 'Stars Wept to the Sea'. The question for me was, will the new album have exactly the same sound, including the strengths and weaknesses? Well, after some listens, the answer could be yes. The overall sound and style remains the same. Unreqvited plays a blend of atmospheric post-rock/metal with a strong blackgaze and ambient influence. It’s pretty clear that Unreqvited has a masterful talent to create delicate and beautiful melodies with a hypnotic atmosphere, as it is clearly the heart in the long opening track “Sora”. But the band sounds even better when it mixes its softer side and beauty with some black metal, like it happens with the second song, “Anhedonia”. When both worlds are fused, the band achieves its greatest level, and the music itself becomes more interesting. The problem, at least for me, is that the rest of the album has a little portion of metal and very few vocals; I personally miss his shrieks which give a special and intense boost to the album. Songs like “Kurai”, “Empirean” or “White Lotus”, have little or no metal and an almost inexistent intensity. Yes, they contain some beautiful melodies, but the album can be considered neither a metal album nor an ambient work which, in this case, can be confusing. I personally love both styles and prior to this album, I have enjoyed albums which combine both worlds. But with Unreqvited, I have the feeling that I am missing something, the quality and beauty are there, but I honestly think that it should have contained more tracks like the aforementioned “Anhedonia” or the excellent closer, “Soulscape”. This is probably the best track of 'Stars Wept to the Sea', not only because it has some metal or at least a blackgaze touch, but because it has some tweaks and variety, which make the already mentioned excellent taste for the melodies bright more than ever.

In conclusion, with this sophomore album, Unreqvited follows the same path of the debut, repeating the good and bad aspects of that work. I personally think that this band could be greater if the tracks would include much more black metal, and obviously more vocals. Merging both worlds with a more balanced mix, could make the band´s music more focused. This also would help to create more enriching compositions with more tweaks and surprises.