Antichrist - Pax Moriendi

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Antichrist Pax Moriendi(Iron Bonehead Productions, 2018)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Funeral Doom




Sincerely, I am not a great expert of the Peruvian metal scene so, I was very curious about 'Pax Moriendi', the long awaited first effort by Antichrist. The band´s discography may not be especially extensive, because only a handful of demos had been released, but the project itself is by no means new. In fact, the band was created in 2002, but for some reasons I don´t know why the project remained inactive until 2012, when the band was revived and started to compose music. Agalariept, who takes the duties for the vocals, is the sole founder of Antichrist but he shares his passion for extreme metal with the guitar player Sargatanaz. Both of them have taken part in another project called Blaspherion, which seemed to be their main project during the years that Antichrist remained silent. Anyway, it seems that they focused again their main efforts on Antichrist, and due to this reinvigorated passion, the band managed to finally release their first opus. Musically speaking Antichrist plays a classic and sometimes minimalistic kind of very slow death metal, which could be described as a blend between funeral doom and the darkest death metal you can imagine. The artwork is a perfect visual representation of this kind of music, depicting which seems to be the head of an angel´s statue. The lyrics deal with Satanism though the song titles imply a more depressive approach. As one can imagine the album contains only a few songs, specifically five, having a remarkable length with a sole exception. Stylistically, the songs are extensive, slow paced and monotonous. The very slow pace and the quite deep growls are reminiscent of the funeral doom metal genre, a style which Antichrist seems to handle very well. The opening track, “Forgotten in Nameless Suffering”, is a perfect example of what we will find through this debut. The aforementioned repeatability and slowness is permanently present, occasionally accompanied by some atmospheric keys which add an interesting touch to the music. I personally like these adds because those evoking keys enhance the oppressive atmosphere of this style, enriching at the same time the music with some melodies. Anyway, Antichrist does not want to restrict itself to the slowest funeral doom-esque tempos and through the album, the music varies from those ultra slow sections to others ones, which also being slow have some more pace. The band even includes some faster sections, with a distinctive old death metal influence, in a track like “Obscurantism”, which I personally find one of the most interesting songs. The track flows from pure funeral doom to faster death metal sections, including also some truly hypnotic atmospheric parts. As already mentioned, most of the songs are pretty long, reaching each of them no less than 7 minutes. The only exception is the most straightforward track, “Screams and Lamentations Drowned”, which has a fast opening section, even though it doesn´t lack the tenebrous and slow dark parts which are a trademark of this album. This song could be a good summary of the whole record. Antichrist´s first opus 'Pax Moriendi' is definitively a work worth of your time. Its combination of death metal and funeral doom has enough quality and variety to keep the listener´s interest alive through the whole record. The atmospheric touches are a good add, as they enrich the album and fit the style perfectly well. A great beginning!