Eneferens - In the Hours Beneath

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Eneferens In the Hours Beneath(Nordvis Produktions, 2017)
Score: 85

#FOR FANS OF: Cascadian Black, Agalloch




Eneferens is a one man atmospheric black metal project, created at the beginning of 2016 by Jori Apedaile. Initially, he lived in Montana, where he took part in another atmospheric black metal band called Arkheon Thodol. Later, he moved to Minnesota leaving the initial project and deciding to create a new band, Eneferens. Since its inception, this new project has been pretty active, releasing two albums and one EP in only two years. Now it’s time to review his second effort entitled 'In the Hours Beneath', which was initially an independent release. Anyway, his work gained some interest and thanks to the excellent label Nordvis Produktion, decided to re-release it in 2017. From the very beginning you take a look to the album´s front cover, you realize what kind of music you are going to listen to. Eneferens moves undoubtedly in the realms of atmospheric black metal, but always trying to build a distinctive sound which makes the music very interesting. First of all, Jori uses profound death metal-esque vocals, instead of the typical black metal shrieks. I must say that his vocals are pretty consistent and they fit the music, although they are not the most usual ones in this genre. Moreover, he has no fear to add some clean and quite melancholic vocals, like in the opening track, “Ascension”. For some reasons, those parts remind me Agalloch (but also Italians Novembre/ndr), though I wouldn´t say that they are very similar bands. Those vocals plus the acoustic sections, give this release a quite melancholic feeling, which confirms what the aforementioned album cover promises. Another good example of it, is represented by the third track, “Morning”, which is one of the calmest tracks of the whole cd, with a slow pace, some acoustic sections and delicate clean vocals. 'In the Hours Beneath' is in general a not very fast work, as Eneferens prefers to create mid-tempo tracks with some very slow and heavy moments ("Chrysantheum", which suddenly includes unexpected fast sections). Another good example is provided by “Refuge”, which flows quite naturally between mid-tempo, slow and fast parts in a very well-done way. The guitars are indeed a true highlight of this work, playing a major role and being quite varied and very well executed. I couldn’t define them citing only one genre, I can feel influences from (obviously) black metal, but some parts can even remind death or post black metal influences. The slow nature of this work has also a slight touch of doom metal, mainly due to paused and deep sections always accompanied by Jori’s growls. His vocals are, as already mentioned, very well-done in both styles, being the clean ones the most original ones. Those vocals can disappoint the listener who wants a rawer and more classic stuff, but if you listen to them with an open mind, I sincerely think that they are fine and fit perfectly well the music. All in all, Eneferens second effort is a very solid release. Jori has tried to create a very personal album, which initially can be described as an atmospheric metal album, although it has some influences and twists which make it a distinctive work with an intense melancholic touch. Excellent stuff.