Wrathprayer/Force of Darkness - Wrath of Darkness

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Author: Felix 1666


Wrathprayer Force of Darkness Wrath of Darkness

(Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2017)

Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Death/Thrash




A cooperation of two Chilean underground bands on Nuclear War Now! Productions - this is definitely not the stuff fans of Bon Jovi and further idiots are looking for. South America is, in terms of metal, equipped with an extra dose of bestiality and therefore it is only logical that Wrathprayer play a violent form of death/black metal. They open the split with heavyweight guitars and vocals that originate from the zombie mausoleum next door. In a matter of seconds, it becomes obvious that this band does not intend to entertain a costumed crowd with some easy listening black thrash. Totally aligned with the name of the label, their songs spread some extremely martial and destructive vibes. Too bad that they offer only two relevant tracks, because the intro can be skipped.
Apart from this minor blemish, the band shows full dedication and their relatively unorthodox patterns avoid successfully any form of fatigue. There are more than enough (well integrated) breaks that ensure the necessary degree of diversity without tearing the songs apart. In view of the carefully constructed song patterns, one cannot blame them for having released somehow half-baked pieces. The songs do not lack coherence, despite their hostile and unapproachable configuration. Not to mention their outstanding parts, for example the dragging section in the centre of "Tria Serpentis" which relies on a creeping monster riff. A rate of 75 could be appropriate for Wrathprayer.
The question is whether their compatriots from Chile's capital Santiago are able to surpass this result. Unlike Wrathprayer, Force of Darkness do not dive into the deadly genre. Their mix consists of thrash and black metal. A touch of chaos accompanies their sound. For example, concentrate on the insane drumming. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they do not know what they are doing. It is just a little bit more difficult to internalize the songs of Force of Darkness. Sometimes extremely fast drums liaise with rabid lines while the lead vocalist delivers a kind of malignant nagging with a lot of reverb on it. Catchiness is of minor relevance and so the listener follows the formation on its wild ride through the wasteland of terror.
Of course, Force of Darkness also stand for aggression and devastation, but their songs are slightly less apocalyptic than the two steamrollers of Wrathprayer. Some thrashing guitar lines show a minimally more technical approach. This is at the expense of vehemence, but it does not affect the general impression significantly. In particular the pretty monumental "The Order" is more or less on an equal footing with Wrathprayer's songs. Overall, Force of Darkness do not win the competition (65), but their integrity and passion cannot be doubted. Anyway, the split album delivers what it promises: a very harsh outbreak of musical violence. Seems as if Chile is always worth a journey.