Terrifier - Weapons of Thrash Destruction

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Author: Felix Sale


Terrifier Weapons of Thrash Destruction(Test Your Metal Records, 2017)

Score: 90

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash metal, Exodus, Nuclear Assault




When people talk about Canadian thrash metal what comes immediately into my mind are the works of Razor, Exciter (yes, I consider their work during 1983 thrash though they are labeled as speed metal), Slaughter, Annihilator, and Voivod. Who wouldn't remember such killer records as 'Evil Invaders', 'Heavy Metal Maniac', 'Strappado', 'Alice in Hell' and 'War and Pain'? Those who are fond of collecting old relics from the glory days of thrash can back up the next words that I am going to utter. Those Canadian metal acts mentioned above can throw down as hard as those bands coming from the Bay Area and Germany. The record that I am going to review is the work of Terrifier, and I can most certainly say that this offering must be added to that list of highly recommended Canadian thrash releases.
Terrifier is a British Columbia-based thrash metal quintet that was formed in 2003 as Skull Hammer. The band changed its name in June of 2012 after releasing a full-length album way back in 2011. 'Weapons of Thrash Destruction' is the band's sophomore studio record after the debut of 'Destroyers of the Faith' in 2012 while carrying the name Terrifier. What 'Weapons of Thrash Destruction' brings to the table is 42 minutes of fierce and unrestrained thrash music. With electrifying and bellicose tracks such as "Reanimator", "Nuclear Demolisher", "Violent Reprisal", "Drunk as Fuck", "Bestial Tyranny" and "Sect of the Serpent", the band doesn't fall short in supplying blatantly aggressive guitar riffs, kick-ass solos, supersonic drumming, and superb vocals.
The band has prospered in handing its listeners very good metal tunes which are pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time when groups like Exodus, Overkill, Nuclear Assault and Testament were furnishing a tasty extreme metal blowout for headbangers around the globe. The ingenious and hasty guitar riffs present in this album will make the listeners go insane while headbanging to the material. Both Brent Gallant and Rene Wilkinson show splendid skills behind the axes that they are handling and the solos are well executed. They totally supplied their audiences with a bombardment of top-grade guitar shredding in here. In fact, even some of the tracks that do not stand out appear more fun to listen to because of those awesome solos.
I would also like to mention how well the bassist did in this release. Listeners to this offering can totally feel Alexander Giles' presence and there are moments where his bass playing really stands out. The drum work, though not that one of a kind, contributed as a solid mantle to the overall music that the band was able to engineer. Kyle Sheppard had dispensed a sufficient amount of diversity behind the kit that amplified the profundity and punch of Terrifier's already exuberant resonance.
Chase Thibodeau's vocals are also adequate, and his technique suits the songs in the record very well. Chase's higher pitched shrieks are the clear zenith of his performance in this opus. Of course, the production has also met the highest standard of accuracy in this release. I usually prefer a more raw production when it comes to thrash albums as it gives a more hostile feel to the whole product, but I certainly can make an exemption for substantial records like this one.
This offering may not be an inventive or advanced thrash metal piece, but it's still a terrific release for a group that takes its listeners for a ride down memory lane with this supersonic and turbocharged thrash metal music. Fans of old-school, state-of-the-art, speed metal and 80's thrash will definitely dig this masterpiece.