91 All Stars - Retour Vers la Lumière

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91 All Stars Retour Vers la Lumière(Self - 2016)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Metalcore/Hardcore, Dagoba, Trivium, All That Remains




Not usually known for it’s Metalcore scene, French proponents 91 All Stars offer up a decidedly fun and enjoyable variant here on their second release. Offering spindly, technical riffing with all the hallmarks of thrash augmented by the stuttering rhythms and breakdowns associated with most hardcore bands, it comes off rather nicely here as a straightforward variation on the style which oftentimes displays the kind of energy and enthusiasm needed for this particular style. Offering up pounding drumming and a fine series of vocal styles in accordance with the wide range of music, it’s all quite a dynamic offering that comes off rather nicely if formulaic. It’s all rather blended together for a rather disappointing amount of time this one spends with those same, familiar patterns featured for the majority of the songs which makes this somewhat drag on in the second half, despite featuring some good songs there. There’s still a lot to like here though with the tracks getting plenty to enjoy throughout here. The opening instrumental ‘Intro’ is a fine set of spic sound collages that sets up for proper first track ‘Omniscience’ which is a strong blend of swirling thrash riffing and stuttering paces alongside a fine series of breakdowns and clattering drumming that brings along plenty of tight rhythms throughout the final half for a rather engaging, enjoyable opening effort. ‘Mon Bien,Mon Mal’ is a lot more of a straightforward blend of swirling metalcore riffs with works within a fine up-tempo pace with plenty of breakdowns and thumping rhythms that bring along plenty of high-speed rhythms into the finale for another strong track. ‘Opprimés’ features deep technical chugging and swirling Metalcore rhythms with a more sprawling tempo that keeps this held back the sprawling riffs leading into a fine series of urgent, up-tempo riffing throughout the final half that makes this one of the few dynamic, varied tracks on here. ‘Richesse Humaine’ features plenty of tight, urgent rhythms with chaotic riff-work scattered throughout the tempered, stuttering rhythms alongside the chaotic breakdowns that brings along plenty of energetic riffing thrashing along through the final half for an impressive highlight. ‘Les Ombres De La Perdition’ blasts through intense and vicious drumming with plenty of swirling technically-proficient riff-work thumping along to rather energetic drumming carrying the rhythms along through the urgent patterns of the solo section and into the finale for another strong effort. ‘Eclipse éternelle’ blasts through tight rhythms and plenty of urgent mid-tempo riffing coming through the series of frantic, blasting drumming with a brief melodic section leading back through a frantic series of swirling blasts in the final half for an enjoyable enough effort. ‘L’ère Du Verseau’ uses a series of twisting Metalcore riffing with the tight, stuttering rhythms featuring plenty of breakdowns and a frantic blast of tight drumming carrying along through the series of frantic blasts before an extended flamenco guitar finale for a strong overall offering. ‘L’Aube Des Princes’ blasts through a series of choppy rhythms with plenty of tight riffing swirling through the technical rhythm patterns kicking into plenty of high-gear throughout the breakdowns leading into the strong final half for a decent if unspectacular effort. ‘Un Sombre Destin’ takes an extended intro with sprawling rhythms before turning into a steady series of mid-tempo riffing with plenty of swirling technical patterns full of sprawling mid-tempo paces leading into the plodding finale to leave a wholly unimpressive track. Lastly, the title track offers thumping rhythms and plenty of sprawling riff-work taking the more mid-tempo pace throughout with the light melodies coming along with the chugging breakdowns alongside the sprawling, grandiose rhythms throughout the final half to end this on another decent track. Still, it’s mostly enjoyable enough to make this a solid enough effort.