Rusty Cage, stagione 2019-2020: ALSO SPRACH EUMIR DEODATO - LET US GROOVE 1973-1976 AND MORE !

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HI FOLKS ! dalle 23 torna RUSTY CAGE RADIOSHOW con la 12^ trasmissione della VII stagione, : "LET'S GROOVE - ALSO SPRACH EUMIR DEODATO between 1973 and 1976 (with a little help by Bjork, Phish, Billy Cobham, John Tropea and so on"


Ascolteremo l'inconfondibile groove di Eumir Deodato e dei suoi incredibili compagni di avventura nella prima metà degli anni '70 ? Persino i PHISH si ispireranno a lui e al suo irresistibile piano elettrico rendendogli omaggio tra il 1993 e 1994, mentre BJORK si farà addirittura arrangiare e produrre alcune tracce del suo masterpiece del 1994 Post ... Enjoy it !!!

S07E11 - ALSO SPRACH EUMIR DEODATO: LET'S GROOVE !!! 1973-1976 AND MORE ! Eumir Deodato was an arranger (for Wes Montgomery, Frank Sinatra, Bjork and many others), a great musician, an (electric) piano player and many other things too. In the mid 70's (helped by Billy Cobham, fabulous guitarist John Tropea, Stanley Clarke & Ron Carter, Airto Moreira & Ray Barretto) his classical-funk-soul-blues fusion (starting from Richard Strauss' ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA to George Gershwin's RHAPSODY IN BLUE to W.C. Handy's ST. LOUIS BLUES) created a neverending funky groove that influenced a lot of musicians: PHISH covered his version of Also Sprach between 1993 and 1994 !
Enjoy and dance it !!!
This broadcast was originally broadcast on radio Onda d'Urto on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 11 p.m. Rome hour. See you every week on Wednesday !


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