Titolo Autore
Vivaldi metal project - The four seasons (2016) UfJ
Viverna - S/t Alessio Skogen Algiz
Vlasta Popić - Kvadrat maudrup
Voice of Ruin - Morning Wood Claudio Catena
VOICES OF DECAY - Overcome franz
Voices of Masada - Four Corners GodTech
Void Generator - Prodromi franz
Void Of Sleep - New World Order Mikmonta
Void Rot - Consumed By Oblivion Bob Stoner
Voidhaven - Voidhaven franz
Voina - Alcol, schifo e nostalgia (2017) UfJ
Vola - Inmazes franz
Volahn - Aq'Ab'Al Don Anelli
Volcano Heat - Vive le Rock! Mikmonta
Voltumna - Disciplina Eterna Don Anelli
Volwo - Dieci viaggi veloci (2018) UfJ
VOMITORY - Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize franz
Vorkreist - Sigil Whore Christ franz
Voron - Propaganda Larry Best
Vos - Remaining Bob Stoner
Vostok - Lo spazio dell’assenza athos
Vow of Thorns - Farewell To The Sun franz
Vowels - Hooves, Leaves And The Death/As December Nightingales kent
Vrademargk - The Black Chamber Don Anelli
Vredehammer - Pans Skygge Bob Stoner
Vredehammer - Violator Don Anelli
VREID - Pitch Black Brigade franz
VULTURE INDUSTRIES - The Malefactor’s Bloody Register PanDaemonAeon
Vyrion - Vyrion franz
Vyrju - Black Bob Stoner
WAFFEN SS - N.S.B.M. franz
Wagars - Wagars kent
Wagooba - Total Emotion GodTech
Waking Aida - Eschaton maudrup
Waking Sleeper Band - Planetarium Luca Paoli
Waldgeflüster - Ruinen Five_Nails
Walk Through Fire - Hope is Misery kent666doom
WALL OF SLEEP - Slow but not dead franz
WALLS OF JERICHO - With Devils Amongst Us All franz
Waning - Feeding of Fragments Brian Grebenz
WANING - The Human Condition franz
WARBRINGER - War Without End franz
Warchief - S/t Mikmonta
WARCRY - Promo 2001 franz
Warfather - Orchestrating the Apocalypse Don Anelli
Warmblood - Timor Mortis kent666doom
Warnungstraum - Mirror Waters franz
Warpaint - Heads up (2016) UfJ
Warpaint - Warpaint (2014) UfJ
WARSEID - Where Fate Lies Unbound franz
WARSHOUT - Grœnlendinga Saga franz
Wasichu - Non è un disco per giovani Luca Paoli
Wastage - Slave to the System Don Anelli
Wastes - Into The Void Of Human Vacuity franz
WATCHMAKER - Erased From the Memory of Man franz
Waterloo - First battle (1970) UfJ
Waves of Mercury - The Great Darkness Mikmonta
Waves of Mercury - The Letter Michele Montanari
Way to End - Various Shades of Black franz
We All Have Day Jobs - Inflict/Enantiodromia franz
We all together - We all together (1973) UfJ
We all together - We all together 2 (1974) UfJ
We Are Impala - Synesthesia franz
We hunt buffalo - Living ghosts (2015) UfJ
We Hunt Buffalo - We Hunt Buffalo Maudrup
We hunt buffalo - We hunt buffalo (2012) UfJ
We Lost the Sea - The Quietest Place on Earth franz
WE MADE GOD - As We Sleep franz
WE MADE GOD - It’s Getting Colder franz
Weather Report - Sweetnighter Pupi Bracali
WEDDING IN HADES - Elements of Disorder PanDaemonAeon
Wedding In Hades - Misbehaviour kent
Wedingoth - Alone in the Crowd Norum
WEEPING SILENCE - Promo CD 2009 sam2882
Weezer - Pacific daydream (2017) UfJ
Weird Fate - Cycle of Naught franz
Wendigo - Anthropophagist Bob Stoner
Werefox - Das Lied Der Maschinen maudrup
Whales And Aurora - The Shipwreck kent666doom
Whales and Aurora - Whales and Aurora EP franz
When due - Pendolo (2017) UfJ
When Icarus Falls - Aegean franz
When Icarus Falls - Circles franz
When Icarus Falls - Resilience franz
WHEN LOVE FINISHES - Destruction technique of an established order franz
When Nothing Remains - As All Torn Asunder franz
When Nothing Remains - Thy Dark Serenity franz
When Reasons Collapse - Dark Passengers Claudio Catena
WHISPERED - Thousand Swords franz
White lies - Big TV (2013) UfJ
Whitemary - Radio Whitemary Vanoli
Whitesnake - The purple album (2015) UfJ
WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH - Bitterness of the Years that are Lost franz
Who Dies In Siberian Slush - We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago... kent
Wicked Minds - Visioni, Deliri e Illusioni athos
Wicked Minds - Visioni, Deliri e Illusioni Riccardo Storti
Wicked Wave - From the Abyss Fabio Rossi
Wijlen Wij - Coronachs of the Ω Alessio Skogen Algiz
Wilco - Schmilco (2016) UfJ