Titolo Autore
THE WHO - WHO athos
The Wild Boars - A Bottle or a Gun athos
The Wild Boars – Bianconiglio – Explain (New Model Label, 2010) Vanoli
The Windmill - The continuation… (2013) UfJ
The Windmill - To be continued (2010) UfJ
The Wisdoom - Hypothalamus maudrup
The Wistons - The Wistons athos
The Woodentops - Giant (1986) UfJ
The Wounded Kings - Consolamentum Don Anelli
THE WRONG OBJECT - Zappa Jawaka Riccardo Storti
The Zawinul Syndacate - Black Water Riccardo Storti
Theatres des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum Roberto Alba
THECONFLITTO - Dusk Over the Nations franz
Thee Jones Bones - Stones of Revolution athos
Thee Maldoror Kollective - Knownothingism franz
Thee Maldoror Kollective - New Era Viral Order GodTech
Thehappymask - Ruines Sean Render
Them crooked vultures - Them crooked vultures (2009) UfJ
Them Crooked Vultures – S/T emi.
Theologian - Some Things Have to be Endured Bob Szekely
Thera Roya & Hercyn - All This Suffering Is Not Enough franz
Therapy? - A brief crack of light (2012) UfJ
Therapy? - Cleave (2018) UfJ
Therapy? - Disquiet (2015) UfJ
THERION - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas franz
They Seem Like Owls - Strangers franz
Things Falling Apart - Blind Hammer, I Miss You Like Nails Stefano Torregrossa
Things falling apart - Blind hammer, I miss you like nails (2016) UfJ
Third Island - Dusk franz
This Broken Machine - [departures] franz
This Burning Day - Elemental Mikmonta
This Empty Flow - Nowafter Roberto Alba
THIS ENDING - Inside the Machine franz
This Fall - Not Even Time to Die Five_Nails
This is not a Brothel - Far is Here franz
This is not a Brothel - S/t Mikmonta
This oneness - Surprize (1975) UfJ
THIS WEARY HOUR - No hand to comfort you Sam2882
Thisorder - Inner Island + No Strings Left - La prise de la Bastille Vanoli
THOLUS - Constant franz
Thom Yorke - Suspiria athos
THORNIUM - Mushroom Clouds And Dusk franz
Those Made Broken - Dead History Mikmonta
Three Eyes Left - Asmodeus Mikmonta
Three Eyes Left - The Cult of Astaroth Matteo Baldi
Three fish - The quiet table (1999) UfJ
Three fish - Three fish (1997) UfJ
Three man army - Three man army (1973) UfJ
Three Monks - Neogothic Progressive Toccatas athos
THREE MONKS - Neogothic Progressive Toccatas Riccardo Storti
Three Steps to the Ocean - Scents Stefano Torregrossa
Thron - Thron franz
Throne - Avoid The Light Stefano Torregrossa
Throne - Consecrates franz
Throne of Katarsis - The Three Transcendental Keys Don Anelli
Throne of Molok - Beat of Apocalypse franz
THROWDOWN - Vendetta franz
THUNDER RISING - Thunder Rising (feat. Mark Boals) athos
Thundermother - Road fever (2015) UfJ
Thurston Moore - Trees outside the academy (2007) UfJ
Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn franz
THY WINTER KINGDOM - Opus I - Discipline Of The Elements franz
Thørn - Thørn franz
TIAMAT - Clouds franz
Time Lurker - Time Lurker franz
TIME'S FORGOTTEN - Dandelion Il Sacrilego
Timelines - Voci athos
Timestone - S/t Mikmonta
Tine - The Forest Dreams of Black franz
Tine - The Forest Dreams of Black franz
Tintinnabula - Mamacita (2018) UfJ
TO A SKYLARK - Tides franz
TO A SKYLARK - To a Skylark franz
Toad - Live at St. Joseph, Basel 22.04.1972 (2005) UfJ
TOBC - Heart of Darkness franz
TOEHIDER - To Hide Her Michele Montanari
Tolo Marton - My Cup Of Music athos
TOMASO CHIARELLA - Trasparente Riccardo Storti
Tommaso Varisco - All The Seasons Of The Day athos
Tommi - Always athos
Tommy and the Commies - Here Come Bob Stoner
Tommy Bolin - Teaser (1975) UfJ
Tongues - Hreilia Alejandro "Morgoth" Valenzuela
Tons - Musineè Doom Session kent
Tony Ashton & Jon Lord - First of the big bands (1974) UfJ
Tony Pagliuca - Apres Midi-Ormeggiando athos
Tony Pagliuca - Rosa Mystica athos
Toolbox Terror - Bind Torture Kill Bob Stoner
Toorn - Kronieken Van Het Einde franz
Tori Amos - Native invader (2017) UfJ
Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines (2014) UfJ
Tornado Kid - Hateful 10 Bob Stoner
Torrens Conscientium - All Alone With My Thoughts franz
Torrential Downpour - Truth Knowledge Vision franz
TORSENSE - World of Harmony Without You PanDaemonAeon
Toska - S/t franz
Toter Fisch - Blood, Rum & Piracy franz
Toto - Toto XIV (2015) UfJ