Autisti - Autisti (2017)

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Scritto da: Alberto Calorosi

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AutistiLabel: S.K. records

Issued: 2017








Alterazioni temporali, cemento armato, ruggine, amplificazione analogica (You felons!, ad es.). Rapporto segnale-rumore. Nei trentatre bassofidelizzati minuti totalizzati dall'album d'esordio del trio svizzero spudoratamente composto da due grattugie con sei corde e un set percussivo di secchi da pittore sono facilmente individuabili elementi genericamente etichettabili 90noise (Down to the minimum), 90grunge (The dower, in realtà più social-distorta che Dinosaur-giuniorizzata) e vagamente 90prog (la ipnotica No anchor) ma innanzitutto una subliminale venerazione nei confronti di certo sound british-psych, più precisamente verso certo sound zabriskie-psych escogitato dai Pink floyd post-Barrettiani e pre-Darkside. Non mi credete? Sentite L'altro mondo vs. Come in number 51, ma anche Curb vs. Set the controls for the heart of the sun, Peaches for planes vs. One of these days oppure Trundle beds vs. Seamus. No? Dite di no?


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Tre domande alla band

Q1 - How come you have no bass player? Is it a contemplated decision or is it just nobody wanted to play it?

A1 - No bass = more guitars!!! The sound of Autisti is a medium frequencies blast! Straight in your teeth. We also play a childrem drumkit, so that the drums aren't too loud on stage, leaving more space for the vocals... and the GUITARS.

Q2 - Myself, I noticed in your music a strong influence from Pink floyd. David Gilmour just called me on the phone. He said he wants to play one of your tunes in next tour. Which one would you like to suggest?

A2 - I would recommend track 03 No anchor. It would sound nice in Pompeï, with a lot of amps and some gongs here and there.

Q3 - OK. And what about now?

A3 - Nothing! We're at the end of a one year tour, that was much more intense and fruitful than expected. This project was supposed to be just a small collaboration in between Emilie, Steven and me, for the fun of sharing the stage a few times together. Luckily, several labels started to support us and shows offer kept coming... It ran a little bit out of proportions in my opinion, in a good way of course! Can't complain. But now's the time to return to our main personal projects (Emilie Zoé solo shows, Coilguns, and so on) and let Autisti aside for a while. we'll do an indefinite break, until maybe we write some new tunes... No one knows what's coming next. It feels good like that.