Perversity - Infamy Divine

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Perversity Infamy Divine(Lavadome Productions, 2014)
Score: 60

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death Metal, Vile, Defeated Sanity



One of the forerunners to the brutal death metal scene in Eastern Europe, the Slovakian band under the name Perversity utilizes a lot of good marks on their new EP, but still don’t manage to place this as anything other than a rudimentary old-school sounding brutal death metal album. Avoided the sheer chaos, relentless blasting and stuck-like-a-squealing-pig vocal approach that so many of their originators seem to follow to up the stakes of sheer brutality, instead this is a lot cleaner-sounding and more organic-sounding effort with the brutality coming from the tightly-wounded riffing style and severe speed the band plays at, opting for more of a different vibe than the majority of such bands. The technicality is there but never really overwhelming to the point of ludicrous showboating for such sake, as there’s a noticeable effort to actually weave solid riffing structures into the rhythms throughout and not for the mere sake of being able to display the number of notes it’s possible to play in such a short time. Unfortunately, this lighter air doesn’t really make the album drip with the savage-ness and dripping-wet atmosphere that’s so prevalent in the scene, instead really robbing the band of it’s powerful drum attack and relentless chops that are on display don’t leave the same impact. This is also the fault of the dry production that keeps this from really running with its strong songwriting and different approach to brutality so the songs aren’t really the problem here, it’s more the way it sounds. Opener "Vermin" is pretty typical of the type of tracks here, with fierce blasting drumming and tight chugging throughout as the dexterous bass-lines and multiple soaring solo sections offer more of a cleaner atmosphere, a lot of which is repeated in "Goddess of Maggots" only that becomes a lot more enjoyable with an extra technical approach in some frantic bass-wanking and a pummeling drum attack. "Angel of Prostitution" is much the same way but played at a slower speed which inadvertently drops a lot of the brutal elements and comes across like mid-period Cannibal Corpse as the savage chops and technical proficiency keep this from really soaring up the brutality stakes with its mid-paced plodding rhythm overwhelming the rest of the song, though the classically-inspired piano outro does have some fine sense of humor. The album’s best track, the utterly infectious "Incest of Flesh" works quite well with a bouncy, memorable guitar riff and accompanied bass-work that adds more speed than most of the other songs before degenerating into relentless blasting that keeps running the same infectious riff throughout which keeps it’s chucky and heavy throughout. "Supreme Accusation" also manages to change things up with an extended melodic guitar intro and pounding drumming that turns into raging riffs and tight bass-work along the dexterous drums to get better as the eventual death metal feel gets worked into the song after the intro which does change things up quite nicely but doesn’t display the same impact as the rest of the song. Finally, the classical outro track "Infamous" offers a fine breather that signals the end of the bashing in earnest with a different feel than normal with a light, relaxing melody that really settles everything quite nicely. While the music itself isn’t the problem but more the way it sounds on this with the production being the cause, it’s more of a release for hardcore fans of the band or genre than anything else.