Unhold - Here is the Blood

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Autore: Pietro Cavalcaselle


Unhold Here is the Blood(Czar of Crickets Productions, 2018)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Post Metal/Sludge, Cult of Luna, Neurosis




There is a Swiss quintet, better to name it fivesome considering the mass of this album, presenting a humble masterpiece called 'Here is the Blood, the release issued on 9th November 2018 from Czar Of Crickets Production. Everytime I reach such an artwork my biggest struggle is “to have never seen a live performance of this band is such a pity”. The outcome is a mature and full-bodied wave of magnitude, this heavy bernese band is not a newcomer in the metal scenario, they actually look like being active since at least 25 years, not a surprise when it comes to analyse their tracks’ texture, engineering, mixing and mastering: Unhold is definitely candidated to be one of the best niche European sludge realities. Taking a considerable distance from the initial noise roots spotted in the previous LPs, this last work’s style reminds us to Cult of Luna and Neurosis even if the synth layers and the astonishing voice of Miriam Wolf, co-vocal and pianist, define a unique sound amenable to a personal and unique trademark. 'Here is the Blood' starts with "Attaining the Light", brilliant and convincing invitation to enjoy the whole product, "Convoy" pulls us with a stoney riff into a hidden rage corner, announcing the arrival of a bloody flow. The following tracks Deeper in and Curse of the Dime shepherd the path with remarkable vocal atmospheres. In "Hunter", Miriam takes the lead and orchestrates a melancholic break, a teardrop of hope in a ocean of fury but also a bid, a bid to test our integrity, coherence and our responsibility. "Pale" and "Altar" dive again into waters of anger, the hoarse voices of the guitarists Philipp Thöni and Thomas Tschuor, spread oblivion and agony. The last track, "The Chronic Return" encases all the adjectives compliant to this 50 minutes album: emotional, aesthetic, hopeful, existential, a wall of depth. This alpine ensemble latest production is definitely a must buy!