Profetus - Coronation of the Black Sun/Saturnine

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Author: Alejandro "Morgoth" Valenzuela


Profetus Coronation of the Black Sun Saturnine(Weird Truth Productions, 2009/2017)

Score: 80

#FOR FANS OF: Funeral Doom, Ahab



This was Profetus’ debut, originally released on April 29th, 2009, back then — and still now — is a masterpiece and a lesson in funeral doom metal. This re-release and limited edition includes the band’s debut and their first and only demo 'Saturnine'. Altogether make over 90 minutes of decaying and devastating anthems. An astonishing colossus of a record, where the album and the demo are two different entities that can be listened separately.
'Coronation of the Black Sun' is dark as the chasm, mystical music for a ritual of death, where there is no room for hope or light, and the cover artwork epitomizes this feeling superbly. As your eyes set in the artwork, you know this is something obscure and serious.
Funeral doom metal is a complex and difficult genre that challenges the listener and demands patience, and sometimes, very skilled bands reward patience with towering riffs and mythical passages. This is the case with Profetus debut. Unpretentious but confident guitar riffs take the lead, powerful chords make ambiance and the keyboard work creates a melody and an atmosphere so dominant that evokes the feeling of a black cathedral lost in the limbo.
A particular talent is needed to create gigantic anthems in length and keep your listening interested and heedful to the music, no easy task for sure, both to keep a pace and to be aware of your tempo as a musician. This is why funeral doom metal is so respected even though when is humbler than other genres and styles.
"Eye of Phosphoros" is the supreme song of the album. From the very beginning, the deep abyssal growls take you to the darkest of your thoughts, almost as ritualistic music, as a desolated landscape of doom and dark draws in the mind. It is monotonous and hypnotizing. Makinen’s vocals are really fitting to the music; the keyboards emulate a pipe organ adding a funerary aspect to the song. And the last 5 minutes… When the pipe organ strikes at the end of the song, is like something terrible, dismal and tragic has happened. The beauty of the last five minutes of the song is outstanding and once it hits you, it will keep inside you; female chants join as they were angels claiming for a lost soul. In funeral doom metal standards, this ending is perfection.
“Coalescence of Ashen Wings” is as gloomy as the previous one, but shorter. The highlight of this song is the atmosphere the melancholic guitars create as it is a more repetitive song, lacking an exceptional change of rhythm, although it has this passage where the guitars take control and deliver a sullen melody of doom, along with some heavy riffs and percussion work.
The last and catchiest song is “Blood of Saturn”, which is another masterpiece. This song, in particular, has a faster rhythm than previous ones, and it proposes a mournful melody from the very start, a melody that will take leadership throughout several moments of the song. In the second third of the song, we get a sudden change of pace that leaves the drums in the spotlight, reminding me a little of the funeral doom metal band Ahab. After this passage, we get back to the main musical theme, and we will have a moment of reflection minutes after, just to sink in the deepest of our thoughts as the song slowly dies.
'Coronation of the Black Sun' is a rock solid magnum opus of the funeral doom metal genre, but as this edition includes also the 'Saturnine' demo, I found something annoying, even though is just a little thing but it bothered me, and this is that in the demo the sound is stronger and heavier. Don’t get me wrong, it is not better, the main album is fine mixed and well mastered, but the demo sounds more aggressive and powerful, the drums are so authoritative that it sounds more proper to the music. 'Saturnine' has this claustrophobic sound that reminded me again of Ahab’s debut 'The Call of the Wretched Sea', and I think that this strength in the drums would have been perfect for 'Coronation of the Black Sun'. Musically, it is far from what they became and achieved, though. In conclusion, this is an album for posterity that will be revisited for years to come.