Dusius - Memory of a Man

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Dusius Memory of a Man(Extreme Metal Music, 2017)

Score: 70

#FOR FANS OF: Viking/Folk, Ensiferum




Dusius is an Italian band formed in 2010 which has finally released its debut album, 'Memory of a Man'. This project was conceived by Rocco Tridici, with the aim of sharing his love for viking and folk metal. Progressively, the band´s line up was completed with the inclusion of some fellow musicians, who immediately started to write new songs. Three years later, the band released its first demo entitled 'Slainte', whose three tracks are included in this debut. Only one year later, the line-up was finally completed with the arrival of Davide, who plays several instruments like bagpipes, flute and hurdy gurdy. This was obviously an important boost to reinforce the folk essence of the band´s compositions. As it usually happens with underground bands, it tooks some time to complete their first length. Thankfully and after three years of hard work, the Italian act has finally released their debut, 'Memory of a Man'.
Although the music of Dusius is obviously influenced by bands like Ensiferum, Korpiklaani and even Alestorm sometimes, the Italian band tries to create songs which have their distinctive touch. One of the most important elements to achieve this aim is the different vocals used through the album. Dusius combines in a quite natural way growls, black metal-esque vocals with some clean ones. Even though the growls sound quite forced at times, they create an interesting contrast with the more “blackish” screamings, making the songs sound more powerful and varied. The clean voices are not so often used, but I think they are quite good, fitting very well in the calmer tracks. Another good point of this album is the guitar lines, far from being monotonous and plain, they sound quite diverse and catchy. Tracks like “One More Pain” contain very good riffs and melodies which make the songs pretty interesting. Moreover, Fab makes a good job with the drumming, which sounds robust and consistent. I especially like his style when he introduces some blast-beats, which is something refreshing in a folk metal band, mainly because many bands sound too linear and quite predictable. Folk instruments and keys play obviously an important role alongside of nice acoustic guitars' section. “Dead End Cave” contains some very nice melodies which show the potential of Dusius in creating good folk oriented compositions. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if these guys increase the presence of both the keys and the flute in their future releases. In any case, it would be very important to maintain the balance between the most atmospheric and folk parts and the heaviest sections. This is the true key to create a truly memorable folk metal album.
The release has a good production and a pretty decent sound considering this is a debut album. Nevertheless, the keys and folk elements might sound a little bit louder, as there are a few moments slightly buried in the mix, mainly when they are played alongside of guitars and drums. Not a big complain, but it could be something to improve in next releases.
In conclusion, Dusius has released a pretty enjoyable debut. 'Memory of a Man' is not by any means something original or groundbreaking, but the songs have enough variety, dynamism and good melodies to grab the attention of fans until its conclusion. In my opinion, this is something remarkable when you play in such a saturated scene. There is still room to improve, but this album should appeal to those who enjoy a well-balanced folk metal album with catchy melodies.