Eradikal Insane - Mithra

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Eradikal Insane Mithra(Autoprodotto, 2015)
Score: 75

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Metalcore,The Black Dahlia Murder, Neaera, Benighted




Finally making it to their debut effort, French Death Metal/Metalcore fusioners Eradikal Insane have certainly seen their share of struggles over the years and have honed the anger and intensity into a fine package. Though there’s plenty of Death Metal influence in the riff-work, at the heart of the matter here is the absolutely strong and enjoyable manner in which the album makes room for it’s hard-hitting breakdowns that are incorporated here alongside the riffing which takes a lot of influence from the tightly-wound rhythms of grindcore. Technically explosive and endearingly violent, there’s plenty of sharp-edged work to be found here if way too one-note about it’s work as it’s all quite built around the same overall rhythm patterns that it doesn’t really do much to differentiate itself from the other hard-hitting groups of this style. Still, there’s plenty to like overall in the tracks for those that like that sort of violent, intense approach. Opener ‘A Perpetual Nothing’ immediately blasts through tight, mechanical patterns with plenty of deep chugging and rather furious, technical patterns with plenty of rather hard-hitting riffing amongst the breakdowns leading into the finale for a rather strong first impression. ‘Initium’ whips up a strong series of grinding patterns with a series of technical breakdowns coming continuously throughout the main patterns with the blasting drumming chopping along throughout the feverish technical breakdowns in the final half for a hard-hitting highlight. ‘Sediments of Misconception’ offers plenty of tight grinding riffing and fast-paced drumming that brings out rather strong and impassioned breakdowns that merge alongside the blasting drumming and technical riff-work throughout the charging finale for another strong highlight. ‘Consciousness Alight’ utilizes blistering technical riffing and grinding drum-work to a stellar mid-tempo series of breakdowns that bring about the stellar hardcore influences alongside the tight, technical rhythms while offering a stellar chug in the final half for a decent if unimpressive effort. ‘Abrasive Harbingers’ blazes with ferocious swirling technical leads and sprawling breakdowns bringing out the varied tempo changes leading along throughout the fine blasting and tight swirling leads grinding away into the finale for a much stronger effort. The instrumental title track offers a fine mid-album breather with a light acoustic guitar strumming away and leading back into next track ‘Intrinsic Propensity’ which blasts through brutal, intense riff-work and finely-charged breakdowns filled with utterly pummeling drumming holding the violent razor-wire riffing and grinding patterns through the intense rhythms leading into the final half for the album’s best track overall. ‘Archetypes’ offers a slower mid-tempo crunch that works nicely at bringing the breakdowns flowing into the technical rhythms grinding through the steady patterns flowing along throughout the extended series of rhythms and breakdowns into the finale for a highly enjoyable if overlong effort. ‘Harvest’ uses a tough, mid-tempo grinding pattern with plenty of ferocious blasting to work along through a steady, blasting section that goes through tight breakdowns and steady chugging leading back through the technical riffing in the grinding final half for a steady, enjoyable offering. ‘Universal Spine’ features a long, droning intro before blasting into tight, swirling and ferocious rhythms with plenty of tight patterns holding through the steady grinding and technical riffing along through the rather overlong sections in the finale for a decent if again way too long effort. Finally, album-closer ‘Metanoia’ uses a series of tight, grinding patterns and plenty of swirling technical riff-work that leaves the faster tempos along into the series of breakdowns while letting the tight rhythms coming back and holding into the blistering final half for a strong enough lasting impression. There’s a lot to like here even with the flaws.