Wastage - Slave to the System

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Wastage Slave to the System(Sliptrick Records, 2016)

Score: 75

#FOR FANS OF: Thrashcore/Metalcore, Machine Head, Biohazard




One of the longest-running acts in the Slovak underground, Thrashcore/Hardcore group Wastage are just barely now getting to their full-length debut and it’s quite an enjoyable mesh of their styles. Taking the stuttering rhythms and rather heavy propensity for breakdowns that fuel most Hardcore bands with a more rousing Thrash Metal aesthetic when it comes to the straightforward rhythms and paces which is certainly an enticing enough mixture on paper. Offering a mostly mid-tempo chugging charge with an occasional faster charge alongside those other harder-hitting breakdowns featured together here keeps the material nicely enjoyable despite the fact that way too much of the album comes off as rather one-dimensional with the majority played way too much in a straight way. There’s little deviation to be found here and it really seems a little sluggish in the mid-section where it blends together throughout here. In the finale it gets a little better with some stronger tracks but the middle is where it holds this down somewhat. There’s some pretty enjoyable work here. Intro ‘Away From The Darkness’ immediately blasts through a thumping series of mid-tempo hardcore-styled rhythms and tight patterns holding the stilted rhythms along through the stellar series of thumping and pounding drumming as the chugging breakdowns continue on through the charging final half for a fine opener. The title track offers a rumbling bass-line and a thumping series of tightly-wound and charging churning riffing into a steady, breakdown-laden patterns leading into the brief solo section and on into the final half for a solid and enjoyable effort. ‘Game’ features throbbing rhythms and clanking patterns that stuttering along through a plodding, low-key pace with tight patterns swirling along throughout the thumping series of patterns leading along into the plodding finale for an overall disappointing and disposable effort. ‘No Way Out’ utilizes immediate thumping rhythms and hard-hitting patterns thumping along to the charging and hard-hitting pounding breakdowns along throughout the thrashing rhythms charging along to the twisting rhythms found throughout the final half for a solid enough effort. ‘Ham-let’ features swirling thrash rhythms and chugging mid-tempo paces with plenty of thumping breakdowns holding the tight, straightforward chugging patterns in a steady pace with a steady solo section and breakdowns flowing into the finale for a much more enjoyable track. ‘You Can’t Stop’ uses thumping mid-tempo series of charging breakdowns with quicker thrashing patterns with the harder drumming keeping the stylish, stuttering chugging riff-work bringing the blasting rhythms along through the final half for a solid, enjoyable highlight. ‘Right Now’ takes harder thrashing rhythms with soaring leads and thumping drumming along through the steady, mid-tempo pace with the full-on stuttering riffing leading through the solo section and leading through the chugging finale for another rousing highlight. ‘I Walk Alone’ utilizes thumping mid-tempo grooves with plenty of charging riff-work through a hard-hitting series of chugging riffing that brings the stuttering paces along through the steady swirling breakdowns with the steady thumping patterns holding on through the final half for a solid enough effort. ‘Nobody’ features a series of hard-hitting thumping rhythms and steady breakdown-laden chugging that moves through a steady series of swirling thrashing riff-work and pounding drumming that continually moves through the strong patterns leading into the finale for another strong highlight. ‘Let Me Go’ takes immediate thrashing patterns and plenty of stylish swirling riffing with plenty of steady thrashing alongside the few minor breakdowns chugging along to the steady, straightforward thrashing patterns holding on through the solo section and on through the blistering final af for another strong effort. Lastly, album-closer ‘Confidence’ takes intense rattling thrashing riffing and pounding drumming through a steady, intense series of up-tempo charging patterns that whip along into a steady series of swirling patterns full of hard-hitting leads and coming along into the utterly blistering finale for the album’s best track to really end this on a high-note. It doesn’t have enough wrong overall to really hurt it much at all.