Tezza F. - The Guardian Rises, Part 1

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Author: Larry Best
Tezza F The Guardian Rises Part 1
(Heart of Steel Records, 2015)
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#FOR FANS OF: Power/Prog Metal



Rummaging through underground power metal acts is like treading on thin ice. You may discover a hidden gem such as I have with the likes of Fogalord and Dragon Guardian - or you may end up subjecting yourself to 45 minutes of dull and badly-produced drek like Skylark. Fortunately, Italy's one-man band, Tezza F, is one of the latter. Though having never heard his first full-length album, the quality of metal on show for this EP is nothing if not promising. Yes, you heard! A one-man power metal band! This minimal form definitely benefits the outcome of this release. It's clear that Fil Tezza, its sole member, is playing things by his own rules, whilst totally relishing and savouring every note. This is a man who loves what he does - and what he does best is worship the Falconers and Vision Divines that went before him; using these influences to create his own brand of melodic power metal. The production is admittedly superb. It's hard to fathom how major mainstream acts like Metallica are still struggling to secure a decent sound quality when humble artists such as Tezza can achieve such a crystal clear timbre on their meagre budget. The drums are crisp, the guitars are full and rounded, the leads are clear and the vocals sit comfortably at the forefront. Tezza understands how an EP should be structured. There is no wasted space here, just a well thought-out tracklist consisting of original material. Even the 2-minute introductory title-track feels necessary and substantial - its declamatory tones paving the way for the bombast to follow. "The Sign of the Holy Cross" may not have been the best choice of opener considering its march-like tempo. The soaring hymn "Jolly Roger", or the galloping "Wildfire" would fare better. But the brevity of this EP allows all tracks to be highlighted in their own right. With the addition of some quirky compositional devices (the growled vocals in particular were a lovely additional element) Tezza F has proved that he has major potential in the Italian power metal scene. 'The Guardian Rises, Part 1' is the correct way to push your band's name forward whilst remaining stylistically loyal. Well done, sir!